Last week’s Mystery Shot: Walbran & Furness

I guess you could call it one of those “hide in plain sight” places because if you drive through Owatonna – especially west to east or east to west, or downtown trying to get to the library, the post office, the farmers market when its open over the summer or any number of places or activities in that area. Chances are you walk, jog, bicycle or drive right by the place. You probably never really noticed.

The photo for last week’s Mystery Shot, provided to us by Jim Joachim, fooled a lot more people than I thought it would. Of course, I knew the answer when I saw the photo, so it wasn’t tough to get it correct.

In fact, just two people got it correct.

The Mystery Shot for Aptil 7, 2018, was from the law office of Walbran and Furness on Main Street in downtown Owatonna.

Correctly identifying the Mystery Shot were, as I say, just two people: Lois Janke and Nancy Vaillancourt.

Nancy’s answer was just a tad bit past our deadline, but I allowed it not only because she was just one of two people to get it right, but also because she provided some interesting information about the building and the law office that currently occupies it.

“It was built in 1892 for John Shea,” Nancy wrote. “Walban’s office has been there since 1964.”

Oh, and if you still can’t quite picture it, it is old house that has been converted into a law office on Main Street across the street from the Steele County Courthouse and the First Baptist Church. It’s also surrounded – well, on about three sides – the downtown building of Federated Insurance, which made me think that maybe, just maybe, a few Federated folk would recognize the photo.

Lois recognized it, not, however, because she works at Federated, but for a different reason: “This was an easy one for me since I have worked there [ in the law office] for over 25 years.”

Thanks to all who participated.

While we’re in the neighborhood, see if you can identify this week’s Mystery Shot, provided to us by Russell Rudolf.

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