2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept Review

Saturday, June 10th 2017. | Volkswagen

2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept. volkswagen’s newest concept is the ID buzz, it’s based on the same modular electric powertrain that underpinned the ID concept we saw in Paris last year.


2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Engine

which means it’s got an electric motor at the rear axle and a flat battery pack underneath the floor. However the ID buzz also features a second electric motor on the front axle which gives it all wheel drive total power state is somewhere in the neighborhood of 369 horsepower and with this 110 kilowatt hour battery pack rain gestated at around 270 miles on American roads. 0 to 60 happens in just around five seconds though it’s fast but that’s not really the point because the top speeds only 99 miles per hour.


2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Interior and Exterior

On top of that flat skateboard like powertrain is a body that’s inspired by the Volkswagen Type 2 microbus easily one of the most iconic vehicles in Volkswagens portfolio and an automotive history that boxy shape is going to give it a whole lot of space inside for people and things including two luggage compartments one at the front and one of the back and reconfigurable seating for up to 8 passengers.

It’s built from the ground up with autonomy in mind so it can handle itself fully autonomous on the highway it up to around 80 miles per hour and Volkswagen envisions the future where this vehicle you can even park itself in a multi-level parking garage.


2025 Volkswagen ID Buzz Release Date

Now it’s just a concept for now with Volkswagen death have semi concrete plans to bring it electric ID line to life it’ll start in around twenty twenty with the ID compact hatchback that we thought previously followed by a yet unrevealed electric SUV the ID buzz right here will follow up at around the year 2022 or 2025.