2019 Genesis GV80 SUV Concept Review

Friday, June 2nd 2017. | Genesis

The luxury vehicle division of hyundai motors introducing their brand new concept the 2019 Genesis GV80.

It’s a concept and the drippy ad cut reminds me of a crossover because it blunts a styling of an SUV and also sedan. It has a pretty big hood with interior space very minimalistic design. but the Genesis GV80 is notable for the fact that it’s powered by fuel cells it really didn’t provide a lot of detail about these specifications of the Genesis GV80.


2019 Genesis GV80 Engine

Who knows what is the engine size and what is the fuel economy. But since it uses hydrogen fuel cells we do know that it is a zero-emission powertrain. it’s for the styling and design like I said it’s pretty minimalistic.


2019 Genesis GV80 Interior Design

It’s a little bit under the curvier side when you look it from the sides and the profile. It looks kind of reflective almost due to the paint job and as far as the interior space it does have a futuristic look to it. Example the dashboard has this 22 inch oled screen. When you look at the side mirrors but not really your traditional ones. They’re very narrow and skinny and there are no mirrors in them but instead i’m told there are cameras be able to tell that. The overall look and feel the Genesis GV80 has a premium sense to its kind of the upscale side because the materials you have the mesh grille everywhere and the really nice interior.


2019 Genesis GV80 Release Date

So it’s great that it utilizes this new fuel cell technology but again if they were kind of like with the rest of the details about the vehicle. Who knows what kind of fuel economy are going to get out of it but Hyundai says that they’re going to work on this and they’ll probably hear more about it in the near future. This is a concept car so who knows if it’s going to become a production model or some parts of its going to be implemented to some other vehicle.