2018 Volkswagen Atlas Design Interior Review

Sunday, June 11th 2017. | Volkswagen

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Review. now as volkswagen has mentioned a year after year the company is committed to the american market and part of that commitment includes 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. The introduction of a full-size 7c crossover SUV built alongside the posada that companies chattanooga tennessee plant.


2018 Volkswagen Atlas Design

The design of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas certainly has the traditional vogue so I can look to it it’s a little it’s very dramatic it’s very conservative and it’s also a little bit blocky and rugged looking at the same time.

The front has almost very similar design cues to the passat with the traditional volkswagen grill these LED daytime running lights with full LED headlights are available and the car has a very much SUV brutish like look to it Volkswagen wanted to be a lot more rugged a lot more American and its design and practices them one of the most American vehicles the company has ever produced with it designed specifically for the US market.

The side profile you can see it has that traditional SUV look with these large wheels the very off-road or SUV truck tires on it this particular one is riding on 20-inch wheels we still fill out the wheel wells nicely with this particular black finish.

The profile of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas because this is a big crossover in Volkswagen says it’s the largest crossover the company’s ever built even though it rides on a stretched MQB architecture which is interesting that’s the same platform underneath the golf but volkswagen has stretch this out to make it much larger.it’s larger than a honda pilot it’s about the same size as a Ford Explorer.


2018 Volkswagen Atlas Engine

The vehicle there’s large you’re probably wondering what’s powering this thing to move around all this weight. Volkswagen launches offer the Atlas with two engines at launch this one is the actually the 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder TSI direct injection the same motor you find in a GTI.

now in the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas it makes 238 horsepower in this application on about 258 pound-feet of torque now if you need more power you can also get the vr6 from the passat a 3.6 liter that makes 280 horsepower it all runs through an HP automatic transmission, fuel economy hasn’t yet announced but don’t expect to find a diesel engine option of course walk sign is leaving that market towing hasn’t really been announced yet both side will have all that information as the vehicle becomes closer to its on sale date.


2018 Volkswagen Atlas exterior and Cargo

The rear of the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas you can see a lot of traditional German Volkswagen design touches as well it looks very similar to the passat which this vehicle is built alongside of the same kind of very conservative tail lights LED accented you can see this particular one is the v6 4motion model with all-wheel drive of course front-wheel drive is standard if you guys don’t go for an all-wheel drive version.

The cargo area I want to show you guys really quickly first of all this one obviously has a power tailgate Volkswagen says because it’s the largest vehicle they’ve ever built it’s got one of the largest interiors they will offer you can see the car direction passing is actually pretty good this is more than what I’ve seen any and a highlander about the same as what you find in the pilot and the Explorer the third row which I’ll show you in a second Volkswagen says is adult-friendly for those of you who are at least under six feet.


2018 Volkswagen Atlas Interior

Inside of the largest vehicle volkswagen has ever offered, the interior definitely has that open and airy feeling it’s got the traditional leather captain’s chairs in the front they are the traditional kind of Volkwagen. so I can feel with the leather they’re very comfortable and supportive.

The step-in gives you that nice SUV stepping out that you’re looking for in the material material certainly look upscale it’s got its introducing a lot of new technology features for Volkswagen. New infotainment options here first of all the screen in the instrument cluster is a full 12 inch LCD display kind of taking that a little bit from Howdy’s virtual cockpit but without some of the beautiful graphics its kind of like a dumbed down version it looks very nice it’s definitely a step a step in the right direction for Volkswagen then of course looking at the infotainment system here it’s also a large touchscreen infotainment system.

The latest version of Volkswagens in-car connectivity it does have Android auto and apple carplay that’s something very important for buyers in this segment and I really like the visibility in here you have a very nice view of the road the seats feel nice and comfortable and you sit up nice and high and it feels relatively rooming definitely on par with what you’re going to get and most of the vehicles in this segment.


2018 Volkswagen Atlas Price

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas will go on sale in a couple months with no pricing an announcement volkswagen is confident that this will be very competitively priced now if you look at the segment it’s between you know in the low $30.000 to start to the mid $40.000 for a fully loaded mile so well know a little bit more of that once this vehicle gets closer to its on sale date .