2018 Volkswagen Arteon Sport Coupe

Monday, May 8th 2017. | Volkswagen

2018 Volkswagen Arteon. So sitting beside me here is one of the surprise tips of the Geneva Motor Show it is a production-ready folks like an art film so what is it well actually this is a replacement for the currents of plant species although Volkswagen says that’s not the case.

they will use the thing so it is a premier up market rivals the BMW 4-series grancoupe a I’m not sure about that but what I see is quite an impressive car things to know about the RT on it if it’s not actually as to.

that this time it is a hand which means it’s quite practical there’s plenty of headroom expensive legroom and a really big food inside other things to know about the ASEAN is its face to the MTV platform which means it comes with the same range of engines as new.


2018 Volkswagen Arteon Engine Review

Goal so there’s an entry level 1.5 liter turbo petrol and then the usual 2-liter turbo with 140 kilowatts and 360 level for the version i’m looking for is a sport coupe a GT Concept hybrid powers on that gave 280 kilowatts a 50km to pure electric range and a North 100 time of around five point two seconds.

But in any case when it’s finally goes themselves around the fourth quarter this year expected to be yet another size alternative for Calkins and to Holden Commodore you.