2018 Toyota FT-4X Interior Concept, Review

Tuesday, May 30th 2017. | Toyota

2018 Toyota FT-4X Concept. Could this be the successor to the uber capable FJ Cruiser. instead it’s more of a millennial focused urban crossover soft roader.

2018 Toyota FT-4X Engine

Toyota didn’t give us many engine specs except to say that it is a small displacement four banger. Independent suspension all the way around means that there’s no differential locks to be had but there is a mechanical four-wheel drive system and a selectable low range.

2018 Toyota FT-4X Interior

Well it’s not the hard-charging dirt machine I was praying for there are a lot of cool innovations. Inside the armrest hoards a northface sleeping bag and the interior lights can be brought outside to use as flashlights. The rear doors are double hinged so you can open them vertically or horizontally as a hatchback and there’s even hot and cold storage. So you can store your drinks or whatever it is the kids are drinking these days

Sub compact crossovers are big money no whammies these days so it is possible the Toyota is using this as a study for future vehicles.