2018 Subaru Legacy Interior, Exterior Review

Friday, May 26th 2017. | Subaru

2018 Subaru Legacy Review.As you guys know the legacy is Subaru’s mid-sized offering and the current six generation debuted back in 2014. for 2018 Subaru’s giving the car a free thorough refresh kind of giving it a lot of hues from the all-new redesigned Impreza you can see the front end sports a slightly updated look it’s got revised headlights with a new chronology style LED’s.


2018 Subaru Legacy Exterior

you now have available full LED headlights that have the steering adaptive technology they have automatic high beams and you can see the front ends also been refreshed it has a cellular version of the Subaru grill a slightly new front our lower front fascia with new LED fog lights.

Overall it definitely gives the 2018 Subaru Legacy a much more wider, much more premium look versus between rip refresh models. When you come around to the side of the vehicle I want to show you one new thing it’s got slightly new wheel options there’s still the same trim levels like the old one this one here being the an updated wheel for the sport model.


2018 Subaru Legacy Engine

This particular one is the 2.5 I the engines actually haven’t changed you still have the same 2.5 liter 4 flat 4 and the 3.6 liter a horizontal 6 as well. Coming around the overall sides the dimensions haven’t changed again this is just a refresh Model Subaru will be introducing an all-new 2018 Subaru Legacy and another few more years based on the all-new platform that underpins the Impreza.

Coming out the rear of the vehicle let’s take a look at the slightly updated rear end the taillights are pretty much the same LED tail lights on this particular one and there’s also new exhaust tips with a slightly larger chrome outlets. It gives the car a much more sporty or elegant look to it but overall you know compared to all the other vehicles in this class it’s still pretty safe design but I think it also should age pretty well.


2018 Subaru Legacy Interior

The inside of the 2018 Subaru Legacy you can see Subaru made some key updates to really improve the overall feel. in the past Subarus have always been slightly behind their competitors in the ample payment options not really anymore this is the all new Subaru StarLink head unit now the standard size is about a six and a half inch screen slightly larger than the 6.2 this particular one unfortunately it’s not on it’s the 8 inch display and it comes standard with Android auto and apple carplay on every 2018 Subaru Legacy model even the base.

Once again Subaru is really throwing in the technology now in terms of the interior materials they’ve also been making great improvements on that you can see the dashboard is all soft touch if it’s nice contrasting stitching it looks really good it looks pretty expensive.

I really like the particular terior color combinations this one is with the two-tone with the black Petes of the blue stitching and overall super star the interior is quieter it’s much more premium feeling and a Subaru also claims this is the roomiest midsize sedan in the class I’m not entirely sure that’s really the case.


2018 Subaru Legacy Price and Release Date

I mean it feels nice and spacious and airy in here like every other mixed size offering but overall I’m really liking the changes that Subaru has made for this refresh mount you can you can expect the region refreshed legacy to go on sale in the fall of this year with no pricing in announce but it should be announced closer to the vehicles on sale date.