2018 Mercedes AMG GT Engine and Interior Concept

Saturday, May 6th 2017. | Mercedes-Benz

2018 Mercedes AMG GT. Super cars by their nature a selfish machine so what happens when you want to take your mate or your family out for a Fang well you get one of these this is the 2018 Mercedes AMG GT Concept it’s a four-door for Speed vehicle that the company will build.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT Engine

the next gen now the interesting thing about this vehicle is that it’s AMG first hybrid and that hybrid hooked up with its four liter v8 is it 600 kilowatts of power they reckon this huge barge of a luxury missile will accelerate from zero to 100 in just three seconds.

2018 Mercedes AMG GT Interior

possibly less interestingly however the hybrid models will come after the regular model some really cool features of 2018 Mercedes AMG GT obviously the design is very slinky it’s eye-catching the wheels not a huge fan myself but if you look closely there’s no wing mirrors on the car there’s no side mirrors that’s because it uses a new little cameras.

because of new laws that allow this some of the other design features of the rear end include that triangular exhaust the designers say that’s not going to make it into the production model but it looks cool and after all this is a magic show.