2018 McLaren 720S Specs and Release Date

Thursday, May 4th 2017. | McLaren

Lighter faster stronger if you’re looking for the star that Geneva Motor Show I think you might have find it right behind me. Here this is see 2018 McLaren 720S of course and I just have to walk you through some of the incredible amount of detail on this car.

It is astonishing every time I look at it, you discover something new. Some of these lamps live from it so just being normal normal land or actually a spoiler and that’s because 2018 McLaren 720S has some of the most advanced arrow on any of the cars here on the show today so it channel’s the air to things like the cooling system and the braking system

and the brakes are immense 2018 McLaren 720S can almost stopped that quickly as a p1 hypercar and if you look at the form of this car is quite astonishing not only does it have the profile deployed profile of the old McLaren f1 which is pretty cool when you look

Close with it you can see how it channel’s the air so from the front wheel arch it’s channel in the air and just turbulence in the front wheel arch, it comes all the way up the body towards the back of the car but the cool thing is instead of the old cast scoop the air comes over the top there to leave hollow doors shoots out here channel to the back of the car and exits back here underneath this carbon fiber clam is a 4-litre twin turbo v8

That has some relation to the old engine except the engine here is far more powerful listing produces 537 kilowatt it’s fair to say performance is immense north 100 km/h take 2.9 seconds but wait for it north to 200 km/h takes just 7.8 seconds.

This thing is quicker than the old 675 LT just look at there and the reason they open like this is because instead of a monocoque actually has a motorcade so this is a structure here why is that useful or because the view out the back look at it.

This is all glass you have an almost 360 degree of you this new structure also means it’s one of the easier supercars to get into the market and that’s actually quite important to these sorts of cars I’ve once seen a Texan oil baron try and squeeze himself, into an hour faulty thing I laughed for about two weeks on sale towards the end of 2017.

2018 McLaren 720S it cost around the same four hundred thousand dollars the old 650s cost for my money is worth every cent