2018 Lincoln Navigator Interior Review

Wednesday, May 24th 2017. | Lincoln

2018 Lincoln Navigator Concepts and this thing’s absolutely beautiful. Interior looks like pretty amazing you know all the roofs and most of the surfaces that you can touch all right. You’ve got leather here on the dashboard very minimalistic controlled nice flat screen up. On the dashboard you got like a on a cosmic or space display up there on the on your digital display and then you’ve got a real wood panel here on your steering wheel take a look in the back there are three rows of seats in the back.

The doors up in the air and the speakers up top that’s the rebel audio system and that comes standard in all black label Ford and Lincoln. Generally I let me sit in here one time and I’m going to get ready to hop out and do a walk around but I’m just going to enjoy this while I’m in here this is a 30 way adjustable seat and they have something called perfect position technology. I don’t really know what that is but you know maybe one day we’ll find out some type out of 2018 Lincoln Navigator. I take a look around the vehicle one more time and then we’re going to hop out and do a little walk around of it.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Exterior

the side panel of 2018 Lincoln Navigator this door will actually come up and close up and then you’ll have a whole streamlined profile what you can be able to show you on the other side. These are 24 inch wheels with you know some pretty deep in rubber on them as you can see 2018 Lincoln Navigator is absolutely massive. The grill looks great up front kind of step back and take a better look at that later you get a look at this massive going tour you can actually see the inside of 2018 Lincoln Navigator here DC traffic amazing.

You know the rear seats are just as literary and the front seat there’s your side panels your rear passenger controls you’ve got a huge touch screen.

2018 Lincoln Navigator Features

The back of the display got another panel up here on top of the roof and then class runs all the way to the back and then there’s your third row seating mexic timeously for everybody you got a big family really travel in style.

In the back if you’ve got your Kingsman wardrobe and this is actually inspired by the Kingsmen movie. The spy movie in have got the special driving loafers. your pocket knife just inside. the without a knife while you’re driving like a carbon fiber pin the tom ford glasses got your utility vent here who knows what that is like a flashlight of course your Iphone binocular its high-end lighter right there.

Absolutely beautiful photos and see how come streamline that is and that blue color that you’re saying is actually part of the yacht club edition and it’s you know it’s the design cumin to call on the color of the water.