2018 KIA Stinger GT Price, Features Review

Thursday, May 25th 2017. | KIA

KIA has been working on an all-new sports sedan for a few years. This is the all-new 2018 KIA stinger GT. Now just like their corporate partner Hyundai, Kia has made a lot of great strides in recent years and all their products are fantastic they are very competitive in every market that they compete in this stinger GT is definitely an eye-watering car for Kia it’s the company’s first ever premium rear drive sports sedan.

2018 KIA stinger GT Exterior

2018 KIA stinger GT goes head-to-head with vehicles like the BMW 3-series, the mercedes-benz c-class, the Audi a4 and it’s definitely got a look that should be able to take on a lot of those expensive German rivals. The design of this stinger GT sports a lot of the Kia family design cues which you shouldn’t really be surprised it’s such a good-looking vehicle Peter Schreyer is the head of the Hyundai Kia design division.

The front you have the signature Tiger nose grille these very attractive looking LED headlights with the LED signature lighting the kia has been doing and the whole front end has a very low wide aggressive stance I especially like the lower front fascia with these deep air intakes the lower front underbody spoiler. it’s a really cohesive attractive and beautiful design in my eyes especially in this really hot shade of blue that this particular one is showing.

2018 KIA stinger GT Engine

Underneath the hood you’re probably wondering what’s going on Kia’s going to launch this car with two different engines the base motor will be a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder about 255 horsepower from that option rear-wheel drive will be standard.

This particular one is the GT so it has the 3.3 liter twin turbo v6 found in the Genesis G 90 in this application it should make the same 365 horsepower 376 feet of torque.It all goes through an 8-speed automatic transmission and you can take it between rear drive or all-wheel drive for those of you who live in the snow belt States.

2018 KIA stinger GT Wheel Design

The wheel designs these are 19 inch wheels you’ll be able to distinguish the GT model from the four piston Brembo brakes. I mean honestly this is to perform at our Grand I love the fact that Kia is offering a sedan like this now because of all this performance hardware kia says this is the quickest accelerating vehicle they’ve ever offered 0-60 times should be around five seconds which honestly is very fast and I think that a lot of enthusiasts looking for a affordable sports hand may want to add this to your list.

The rear this is where the design gets a little bit tricky for me I’m not sure how I feel about it but this is my first time seeing it in person I think it has a lot of Maserati and jag built into the design I really like the taillights that kind of go across the entire width the quad outlet exhaust and this vehicle is roughly about the size of the Optima but it’s priced in more of the compact sports sedan segment which kia says this car should start at around $35,000 when it does come to market but overall I think that the vehicle is definitely unique looking.

I think the kia badge is going to surprise a lot of you in fact those of you who probably don’t want to get the conversion hunt Genesis will be launching their version of this vehicle which will be the G 70 in the coming months but until then this is one really unexpected deal from Kia and I think that it will do extremely well when it comes to market.

2018 KIA stinger GT Interior

The vehicle that competes in these sports sedan class has to have an interior that’s worthy of that so how does Kia do on the inside of this stinger GT. It’s definitely upscale looking this is actually I think it looks better than even the company’s flagship k900 in terms of the design and the materials.

It definitely feels low to the ground the ceiling is also pretty low so you kind of have to duck your head. KIA gave this a very low coupe likes stance so it really shows now setting away into these seats I’m noticing they’re very wide bolstered they’re also plentiful adjustments it looks like a 16 way power adjustment in the leather itself feels good it even smells nice in here so he has really upped the quality in here trying to go with that premium theme now looking at the materials it’s either stitching on the dash it’s actually a soft touch right here on the vents I really like the circular air vents with the three across right

2018 KIA stinger GT Features

Then also you’re looking at an iPad like screen for the center stack display it looks like an 8 inch screen of course it’s going to have the latest version of Kia’s you voice a system with Android auto and apple carplay the steering wheel has really nice contrasting leather I’m surprised it’s not a flat bottom design but it good you have steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters which feel like they’re made out of plastic.

There’s some nice piano black plastic trim here that’s probably going to collect fingerprint marks but I mean overall I like the metal look trim that they’re using on the speaker grilles on some of the insert and panel buttons there’s dual zone climate control here lots of knobs and buttons so the interior here is really traditional I kind of get into it and know how it all works.

2018 KIA stinger GT Price and Release Date

Speaking of the overall and feel the cabin definitely feels snug and you have a very nice view of the road it feels low it feels wide and it goes with that sports sedan theme that a lot of buyers are going for but I mean overall I think the interior is definitely a step up for the kia brand it feels more upscale than a lot of their other offerings I think a lot of consumers are going to be really surprised when this vehicle comes to market now speaking of when it comes to market I expected to hit dealer showrooms by the summer or middle of this year with no pricing it announced but you know it should start around the $35,000.