2018 KIA Niro Compact SUV Hybrid Specs

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | KIA

All-new 2018 KIA Niro this one is a hybrid it’s actually Kia’s first dedicated hybrid and it is designed to be a compact SUV. so let’s take a walk around and as we can see you have elements over here that are kind of similar to the cheap products. it’s kind of reminiscent of actually the Jeep Cherokee so what we’ll do now is will pop this trunk over here.


2018 KIA Niro Review Specs

as we zoom in we see an LED outline that runs along the outside and red LEDs that run along top but and an indicator over here chrome door handles and this one is the touring trim so it sits on it sits on 18-inch wheels.

as you can see here on the front you have here’s gold grille and headlights are pretty pretty decent I mean they’re not too they’re not too spectacular like we’ve seen on your Kia products, but you know you have a standard almond here. You have actually you have lamp here and led element stripes that runs along the outside oh here you have what might be fog lamps and yeah so older.


2018 KIA Niro Interior and Features

Now we’ll step inside to see how this hybrid works so as you can see it’s very very black in here and that’s fine because i like how basic it is yet it has all the functions that we need we have our audio functions here. we have our climate control functions here instead of having to rely on the touchscreen to do all that and you start stop and as you can see the shifter is pretty basic it gets the job done you don’t have i wonder if this has a park.

so another part i wonder if this has a regenerative braking prius has a be mode which you can substitute that basically allows you to charge as you let go of the accelerator i don’t see that mode on this vehicle so i’m curious but that’s a really cool feature because you can essentially charge the vehicle as you drive as you let go of the accelerator over here you have a blind spot have lain keep assist and on this side you have your heated steering wheel he did in ventilated seats.

and the center console is just an average size yeah but you have a power of connection over here at a 12 volt sunroof is fairly standard let’s go to the back and see how much space we have like room in the back is just okay it’s actually a compact SUV so you know pretty average for a compact SUV.

You do have a power outlet here that allows you to charge standard devices that sweep wrong at work. so should be perfect if air conditioning / heating vents here Oh a trunk room in the back although we couldn’t open it from the outside it’s fairly decent the sloping roofline kind of restricts the vertical space that you have to load things but in terms of horizontal space is fairly good I would say this is sized more comparable to the Jeep Compass.