2018 Honda Odyssey with Magic Slide Seat

Sunday, May 14th 2017. | Honda

The new 2018 Honda Odyssey has a 3.5 liter 280 horsepower engine mated to a 10 speed transmission. 10 speed transmission Honda first that transmission is actually going to be built in the US.

This new Odyssey is completely redesigned inside and out, let me show you some of the cool features. in the top-level trends these are all LEDs now, there’s still a couple cameras up top coming around to the side, latest 19-inch wheels on an odyssey minivan, unbelievable.

The mirrors they now had the Blind Side indicators on the driver side and passenger side and one thing that people always complain about the Odyssey is it had that cut line on the side it kind of broke up the body a little bit used to be this line all the way along the side of the door went well guess what gone it’s actually hidden inside here check this out now when it’s open that line your name is see it the door comes right out.

One of the things I loved about the second row in the old Odyssey is the wide mode it’s where you can actually fit three baby seats by lifting up the seat pushing it over and locking it into place. But it works fine this year the guys in 2018 Honda Odyssey came up with something cool, it’s called a magic slide seat now if you put a baby seat in this seat and you want to move the seat over this is the only vehicle that you can actually just lift the lever and slide the entire seat over five different positions.

and then you can get access to the back seat so let me clarify what I’m saying here a baby seat can be attached through the seats and the seats have been moved without moving the baby seat how cool is that I know what you guys are asking ya Honda pro will it also move forward and backward of course it’ll still move forward and backward how convenient how awesome.

it’s not just this seat both sides do it so you can push these seats together you can push them apart you can slide one or the other one over it’s not just all about the seats and how they move around Honda’s put some pretty cool tech in the back of this car check this out up here is a camera you can actually see the occupants in a second and third row from the front screen how cool is that?

USB plug in 2.5 amp and an HDMI and the car has built-in 4G LTE when I said the 2018 honda odyssey is filled with new technology i’m talking some awesome new technology.

Now we’re inside the car as you guys can see this screen is completely different, this is a totally new Android based system right unlike any other Honda

in the back they kept things very similar come here this batch still opens up by power have you guys seen the manual override check this out if you press and hold this button you actually turn this into a manual mode, but unlike last year you can stop this in any position. You’d like so if you’re in tight quarters you’re going to stop this halfway and if you have a taller durog or a shorter garage door the shoulder overhang you can actually set this by pressing the sledge and holding it.

Now when this back door opens up it only opens up this tall how convenient is that back here 2018 Honda Odyssey has the same magic seat folds down just with one hand which is awesome folds right back the same way the 2018 Honda Odyssey back has actually been expanded to some of the lower trim levels and they’ve added some different crevice tools so it’s easier to get back into these small crevices with the Honda back.