2018 Honda Civic Type R New Suspension

Friday, May 5th 2017. | Honda

2018 Honda Civic Type R Review. Australians have been cruelly denied the honda civic type-r for a whole generation arguably the best generation the new turbocharged vtec engine but not anymore finally Ozzy’s will get to drive this car a 235 kilowatts 400 Newton meter front-drive road rocket this vehicle will be coming to Australia late in 2017.

it’s virtually all new from the ground up it’s a new platform there’s a new shanty and importantly compared to the last model it no longer has a live beam rear axle this thing has a multi-link rear that should give it even more precision on the corners you know race tracks twisty coastal roads this sort of thing obviously there’s a lot more than just the new suspension for 2018 Honda Civic Type R.

they tweak the engine it’s more powerful you’ve got to succeed manual you’ve got huge 19-inch alloys with sticky rubber the brembo brake and just take a look at the body kit this thing is off shops it is ridiculous it’s got a massive rear wing there’s big rear diffuser front splitters.

you’ve got carbon bits here there and everywhere and what I really like is they’ve kept that triple exhaust pipe from the concept car I honestly didn’t think they’d use it that they have and you know good on them this one appeal to everyone it is audacious it’s very out there but I’m just glad it’s coming to Australia now about time.