2018 Ford Mustang Orange Fury Reviews

Tuesday, May 9th 2017. | Ford

The 2018 Ford Mustang in the new orange fury color let’s dive right into this thing man let’s dive down a little bit lower and break down the most controversial part of the entire car the front end.

and seeing it in person now kind of mimics what I thought when I saw the original leaked imagery the gloss black grille just really isn’t in doing it for me.

The newly redesigned headlights are a little better in person but they’re still not my favorite and of course this whole area right here is completely redesigned as well you have your fog light corporated into the turn signal housing now.

A little bit of a departure there new hood vents and a 20 millimeter lower hood line here with the 2018 Mustang to give it that more aggressive angular look in Ford’s words.

Under this hood of course we have that new 5 liter power plant higher compression dual injection with the port injection in addition to direct injection yet to see what this thing is truly capable of but we know we have some higher horsepower figures this time around and overall it’s definitely the love it or hate it part of the new 2018 Mustang the sides in the rear are a home run so let’s go check those out right now.

Walking down the side of the 2018 Ford Mustang Orange Fury here guys not a whole lot has changed on the side new fenders of course to accommodate that new hood line on. the side that you can see Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tire to replace those crappy Pirelli PZero inside the 2018 Ford Mustang Orange Fury we can’t get in unfortunately but there’s that all new 12 inch digital cluster very very cool stuff let’s kind of work our way to the back of the car here because by far and away my favorite part of this thing by a long shot.

Now you see the newly redesigned tribe our tail lights here very similar to the 15 through 17 cars but with a more angular look matching those gills up in the headlights they’re. new for 2018 pedestal style spoiler here and I don’t know I’m not really the biggest fan. new deck lid panel with a little bit more detail and then the homerun right down here guys new standard quad tip exhaust system active exhaust system is an option on these cars as well much more aggressive rear diffuser on 2018 Ford Mustang Orange Fury again it’s a complete home run from four and I think it’s everybody’s favorite part of 2018 Ford Mustang Orange Fury.