2018 Ford F-150 Engine, Specs, Interior

Sunday, May 28th 2017. | Ford

2018 Ford F-150 Review. so when there’s current generation f150 debuted in 2015 introduced a lot of first for the Ford f-series line it was one of the first aluminum bodied mass-produced pickup truck to ever hit the market. it’s been a huge success for Ford in the last three years. so for 2018 the company is making some pretty big updates to the 2018 Ford F-150.


2018 Ford F-150 Update

on the biggest update is going to be actually found underneath the hood where you’re going to find the first-ever diesel engine in a light-duty f-series truck it’ll be a version of the 3 liter turbo diesel v6 of kind of shared similarly with the beef the diesel that you find in some Land Rover products now Ford didn’t have any numbers for us but in the current Range Rover Sport diesel it makes like 254 horsepower and 440 pound feet of torque so this will go head-to-head with the RAM eco diesel the first challenger of that vehicle in the in the last few years.

the design of this refreshed f-150 you can see it takes a lot of design cues from the just introduced ford superduty the same kind of LED look in the headlights it’s a little bit wider looking this year and it has a very bold menacing look especially with this grill design it literally just looks like a scaled-down version of the current Super Duty truck.


2018 Ford F-150 Engine

this 2018 Ford F-150 when it launches will also get an all-new based v6 the 3.3 liter naturally aspirated engine will be the base motor replacing the naturally aspirated 3.5 there also will be a 2.7 EcoBoost v6 5 liter v8 and a 3.5 EcoBoost v6 before just introduced for 2017 all of those vehicles will use a 10 speed automatic transmission same with the diesel only the 3.3 liter will use the old six-speed automatic that’s carried over.


2018 Ford F-150 Exterior

The sides this particular one that I’m showing you is the Sport trim level. it basically gives you the sport body kit in the wheels it has the body colored accents all throughout it it looks fantastic I think this is one of the best-looking trucks in the segment you can see obviously this model is the crew cab with the shorter five and a half foot bed you guys can’t get a longer six-foot bed if you want to do that

The rear of the 2018 Ford F-150, you can see you’ve got slightly updated taillights as well again it mimics the look of the Super Duty and Ford basically offers this truck in so many different configurations I really couldn’t list them all in this short first look video but overall I think the design looks even better at Ford basically took a handsome truck and made it even better looking for 2018.


2018 Ford F-150 Interior

The interior of the refreshed f-150 you can see it looks pretty much identical to the old one Ford didn’t really make too many changes they didn’t really need to what they did do is give you a little bit more in terms of the technology features.

Nice cabin you have lots of soft touch materials some stitching throughout and this one’s not even the top of Lima you can go up to a king ranch or a platinum all if you guys really want to spend the big bucks on this truck now a couple of new features that Ford added there’s a there’s a new Bang & Olufsen premium sound system this vehicle now offers full speed range adaptive cruise control with pedestrian detection that is the first truck in the segment to offer a feature like that.

You know those of you who are looking for all the upscale touches of a luxury sedan you’re going to find it in the f-150 and it’s one of the reasons why this Ford F-150 is one of the is the best-selling vehicle here in the state because it literally you can option up to be like a luxury vehicle and it has plenty of room to haul your stuff and you know haul your family around on your day to day life.


2018 Ford F-150 Price and Release Date

You can expect the refreshed f-150 to reach Ford showrooms in the fall of 2017 those of you who want the diesel are gonna have to wait a little bit longer Ford says that model has been delayed until probably the summer of 2018 but when the 2018 Ford F-150 does reach dealer showrooms it should start in the same price range as the old f-150 roughly like the high $20,000 range all the way up to like $60,000 plus if you guys really want to load this up to the skills.