2018 Ford Expedition Redesign, Interior Review

Sunday, May 28th 2017. | Ford

This is the completely redesigned 2018 Ford Expedition. now in its current form the expedition first came out back in 2007 and its platform actually dates back to the second German all the way back in 2003 so you can see Ford really needed to redo the expedition which is what they’ve done for the 2018 model year this rides on the same platform as the redesign f-150 so which means it also has a lot more aluminum in the structure because of that fold is able to reduce the weight by as much as 300 pounds.


2018 Ford Expedition Redesign

The design of this thing it’s very different versus the oldest old expedition in fact it doesn’t look like an f-150 at all what Ford has done here is they’ve given it kind of a more mature more upscale Explorer look with the front end the same familiar family grille full LED headlights are available on the higher trim this one here being the Platinum trim and it has a much more car-like much more upscale much more luxury appearance so it’ll be interesting to see what Ford does with this vehicle when they introduce the Lincoln Navigator version in the coming months.


2018 Ford Expedition Engine Specs

Underneath the hood Ford isn’t really talking too much about the power trains but we do know it will be the same 3.5 liter EcoBoost twin turbo v6 the all-new engine in the only weapon 50 they won’t spit out any horsepower numbers yet we’ve heard rumors over 400 but just know in the f-150 it makes about 375 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque.

it all goes through a 10 speed automatic transmission and Ford says the telling capacity will be better than the 90200 pounds of the previous generation and of course they’re not talking about fuel economy either.


2018 Ford Expedition Exterior

the side of the 2018 Ford Expedition still comes in two different sizes the standard size or this expedition max that replaces the e L name of the previous generation. It’s huge in fact the entire vehicle is about three inches longer in overall length a four inch stretch way away from the standard size the e L like this one is about an inch longer in overall language Ford is giving you back all that space in the interior with much more room now coming over to the rear of the vehicle.

The design of the rear of the 2018 Ford Expedition also follows more of the Explorer being here with the overall karolides full LED taillights I really like this kind of satin finish that goes along the actual tailgate.

You can see her you’re going to everyone’s going to pretty much done you got the max of this huge badge and overall I think the work is very much premium it has a very cohesive family look so those of you who want to graduate from you know and explore because it got too small for basically now it gives you that with the all new expedition which is very nicely styled vehicle.


2018 Ford Expedition Interior

The inside of the 2018 Ford Expedition I’m pretty much blown up blown away I mean this interior is identical to the new f-150 I have to say the interior is really nice especially on this particular one the top trim you can see the materials here are really high quality you have stitching all over the dash really nice tight fitting panel gaps really pretty looking wood grain trim and you have a really open airy room feel to it.

a couple of things I’m noticing you have the latest version of sync 3 all expeditions now have Android auto and apple car play and the infotainment are these in stern panel.

The steering rolls all of it is taken from the efficacy really nice soft comfortable supportive seats or wide they really hold you in place nicely and they’re comfortable now compared to the Sequoia this is what I was looking for in an inferior full-size truck that Sequoia definitely feels a lot more dated less premium than this so Ford is really upping joy in that regard with this all-new expedition.


2018 Ford Expedition Passenger Seats

The previous Ford Expedition, Ford like two tiles the fact that you had best-in-class interior space because of a couple of things the expedition has an independent rear suspension so that carries over and it still rides on a truck frame.

You can see the quad seat the second row lots of space over here lots of legroom is a nice pass through here but if you want to get to the third row you can actually just flip this up here and you can see the seat slides forward to give you a really good amount of space.

now getting back here I want to talk about the third row because this is always been an area of concern for families and the expedition really gives you huge amounts of space I mean you could literally replace your minivan with this I could sit back here and cross my legs now she’s fine I’m pretty short on five foot seven but adults will be happy sitting in the third row and that is one of the big selling features because if you guys remember the Tahoe and the suburban cannot really seat third adults comfortably in a third row because this low floors higher but because of that and the rear suspension you just got a much more lower floor and the vehicle it’s much more comfortable for passengers.


2018 Ford Expedition Price and Release Date

You can expect this all new 2018 Ford Expedition to go on sale at the end of the year of problems fall 2017 with pricing being announced of course closer as we get closer to the Arm field date.