2017 Toyota 86 Interior Changes Review

Saturday, June 10th 2017. | Toyota

2017 Toyota 86 being such a huge success in the enthusiast market it’s definitely a big accomplishment for Toyota you can see for this 2017 refresh the company didn’t take too many changes with the overall design.


2017 Toyota 86 Exterior

You have a new front end that freshens up the look it actually gives the 2017 Toyota 86 a slightly lower wider stance versus the pre refresh model. These LED headlights do come standard on this particular one that I’m showing you they even have the 86 emblem. Embedded into the actual side of the headlights a nice little detail and the old.

The new overall front clip kind of makes the 2017 Toyota 86 look like it has fangs it starts to give it a little bit more of an aggressive look now of course you’re going to notice the Toyota badge in the front it’s replacing the Scion badge in Scion has bit the dust for 2017 which I’m sure most of you didn’t care you probably swapped out those Scion badges for a Toyota badge if you guys decided to buy this car anyways.

now looking at the side profile of the car it’s got a new a wheel design a new 17 inch wheel design it’s a little bit of a darker finish. It looks pretty nice it fills the will Oz out nicely of course you guys are probably still going to end up swapping these wheels but overall the proportions of the car still give you that classic rear drive, low stance a low-slung sports car that you all love so much now out back the look is rounded out by new taillights LEDs of course with a new rear diffuser and suddenly redone exhaust tips.


2017 Toyota 86 Engine

Under the hood I’m sorry to say there is no turbo but Toyota did give you five more horsepower on the manual transmission models. The two liter boxer 4-cylinder engine now puts out 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque you can still take your pick between a 6-speed manual of course which is the one I would go for or a 6-speed automatic now fuel economy should remain the same Toyota expects.


2017 Toyota 86 Interior

The inside of this 2017 Toyota 86 the company gave it a couple of minor changes to go with the overall design differences for the exterior. You can see one thing that immediately stands out is this new steering wheel I like the 86 badge in the center. I also love the new steering wheel audio controls it’s something that I complained about in the BRZ review.

The leather feels really nice the steering wheel feels really good in your hands. Some of the materials in here they’ve they’ve swapped it up with new with new stuff there’s some suede Alcantara on the dash.

On the door panels just to give the interior more premium upmarket field. I kind of I’m not sure if it’s the new Toyota Entune system my guess is it is it looks like it’s kind of remnants of what was carried over from the FRS.

I’ll have to wait and reserve judgment till I get one to show you guys four for review this particular one that I’m showing you is obviously the six-speed automatic it does have paddle shifters there is a new track button here on the center’s console it kind of replaced the VCS off button that I showed you guys in the BRZ. overall the interior hasn’t changed too much it still has that low planted sports car feel that you all love so much with this car.