2017 MG GS compact SUV Review

Thursday, May 11th 2017. | MG

2017 MG GS Overview. When most people think of MG car they think of compact fun-to-drive drop tops but the MG at today is a very different company it’s chinese-owned and this the compact SUV called the 2017 MG GS.

If the company’s new hope for the brand in Australia it’s quite to drive right comfort it into that and the high seating position provides a good view of the road I like the electric park brake and the auto whole function is good too.

but the tiny rear windscreen reduces rearward vision engine response is so so there’s a delay between pressing the go pedal and 2017 MG GS responding which makes it slow from a standing start but once up and running it’s fine the interior of 2017 MG GS is surprisingly impressive

I had very low expectations here but what they’ve done here with the design of the dash is really quite nice the shape of the vents and also the touchscreen infotainment system not too shabby.

The touchscreen infotainment system is a winner it’s easy to use and understand and there’s plenty of space for four large adults five at a pinch in 2017 MG GS. The boot is a bit cramped and you can fold the rear seats down for more space an incidental storage like cupholders and bottle holders is really good.

You get plenty of bang for your buck here too with rear parking sensors and Bluetooth connectivity standard on all models we’ve been given access to a small dirt loop which is pretty rare on an SUV launch but MG wanted to show us what the chassis was like on loose surfaces and also the ESP and cornering brake control and I got to say it’s a pretty good system.

it just gives you a bit more confidence seems like they’ve certainly done their homework in terms of chassis dynamics done the dirt and now we’re doing a motor-car no we’re really pushing the car on a closed circuit and you know what it’s not a bad little chassis the front end grips pretty well

Even on the wet stuff she feels predictable I mean most owners are never going to drive it like this but to know that it is quite capable is impressive and let’s try those brakes a bit of ABS too shabby the 2017 MG GS is cheap but it’s definitely not nasty in fact it exceeded our expectations modest that they work but and it’s a big fuss the MG and Chinese cars in general have a long way to go before they match the best from Japan and Korea this car shows that MG is finally on its way and with a six year warranty capped price servicing and a bit of styling Flair it definitely deserves at least a second look