2017 Mazda2 Specs, Review, Changes

Friday, May 12th 2017. | Mazda

This is the 2017 Mazda2 – Mazda released this one in 2014 for 2017 Mesa took a good look at it and decided it liked what it saw so instead of wasting money on things that didn’t matter like changing the fantastic looks Mazda decided to spend it on putting in new stuff the best thing is for 2017 is that you won’t pay a cent more than you did in 2016.

2017 Mazda2 Review

The 2017 Mazda2 is the smallest Mazda design with the Kodo design language and it looks great lovely flowing curves sharp creases it looks pretty good the hatch does look better than the sedan – lad includes looking a little out of place.

You can forgive the sedan like a visual perfection when you consider the boot is a gigantic 440 liters you can get a lot of things in here and the seats split fold 60 40 feet of space. the boot might be big but the back seat is it’s the same as the hatch I’m sitting behind my driving position and I am right up against this literally there’s not a lot of creature comforts back here either you don’t really have a very big armrest there’s no central armrest no 12-volt power supply no USB port and no cupholders so it’s a bit lonely back here.

Up front is as good as ever but with some improvements the dashboard is much more legible than it used to be although it’s still it’s annoying wing design that I really don’t like the heads-up display which has a new set of graphics looks like an Audi one with all the little graphics and it’s all full color that’s very good.

There’s a new steering wheel and placed on the cx-9 so it’s got the slimmer spokes down here 2017 Mazda2 nicer to hold them the old one that’s got a smaller airbag box so it doesn’t feel like it’s a big here on the GT 2 you get these quite nice it’s fake but they’re leather panels with the stitching so they look pretty good and that’s here as well and there’s a couple in the back and last but not least on the GT you get this really nice leather and suede trim so this suede even though again it’s fake it doesn’t matter because it’s really good and it stops you from sliding around.

2017 Mazda2 Interior

It’s a really nice interior it always has been it’s just got a really nice feel about it and it feels much more expensive than the car you’re sitting in the mzd connect stereo has six speakers and comes with two USB ports and bluetooth as well as this seven-inch touchscreen on the movie controlled from the we die on the consoles and when you stop you can tap away on the screen.

There’s no car player Android auto like you can use your phone’s Pandora our heart and get your apps or you can use the a/b and curse it in the tunnels the big news is the safety though the cheapest chips in the ojos AEV and the Mac sorry ray easy to stock your back menacing go up to the Genki and GT and you’ve got reverse cross traffic alert and blind spot.

I quite like the cut of the two team I’ve always liked the way these car drives and now there’s been the usual Mazda update which is all about details so from a refinement point of view there’s a bit more filler here in a bit more foam there and they’ve moved some stuff around and make it a bit quieter it was already fairly quiet but it just got that little bit better and then includes an acoustic windscreen which doesn’t sound like what it means what it means is it cuts sound from outside we like an Audi a4 actually.

It also measures G vectoring tech which some black magic that works on the front wheels too to give it a bit more bite in the corners it’s not so much a safety thing that’s more of a driving feel thing but it does contribute to the safety it certainly doesn’t transform the car but it just gives it a little bit more edge into the corners and just makes it a little bit more fun.

So it hasn’t been a big update it’s not like this is suddenly a whole new car but that’s the point it was already a good car Mazda whole thing about the 2017 Mazda2 or there’s two things there’s Jim bucket I which is their horse and rider is one or horse a car and drivers one and well you know it’s not a sports are certainly a really nice easy to live with car to drive but you can also have some fun on it.

But there’s also a mission statement about this car which is about smashing perceptions of the segment you don’t get small cars generated that are this good there are very few cars that I can think of that are this small have this much stuff and a desk good to drive they might be one of those things but they’re not all of those things.

So there’s a reason people are buying these in pretty reasonable numbers about a thousand people a month buy these cars and every time I get in one I remember why because they’re just really good cars.

I’ve always been a fan of the Mazda2 even the old one which was a bit tinny and noisy this one when it was released in 2014 got rid of all of that signals a shift in Mazda of thinking not only Road and handled Wells but it felt good and with the 2017 update we’ve now got all of the safety gear that you could possibly want nothing else.