2017 Lamborghini Aventador S V12 Engine

Thursday, May 4th 2017. | Lamborghini

2017 Lamborghini Aventador S. Many of us had a poster of a supercar in our bedroom wall at some point during our childhood and for most people it was a v12-powered Lamborghini but what does that poster now look like for the younger generations, so they really aspire for the latest generation of hybrid and electric cars, I’m not so convinced luckily Lamborghini still does a v12-powered Super Cup and it is just been tweaked this is the event a torrid Lamborghini has effectively given the establishment a Swiss Italian back hand with the Aventador S by forgoing any modern hybrid or electric technology in favor of internal combustion muscle, but make no mistake this new model remains an out and out technological force fitted with four-wheel theory better aero efficiency and supposedly more feeling at the limit than its predecessor

and at 789 thousand dollars before it’s expensive options with it has the price tag to match now the Lamborghini Aventador S stayed largely unchanged since its introduction in 2011 but that doesn’t mean you know overlook any of the changes for the 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S update his thing now has 544 kilowatts of power and 690 newton meters of torque those numbers help the Lamborghini Aventador to accelerate to 100k in just 2.9 seconds onwards to 200k in 8 28 seconds and help it reach a top speed feeling of 350 kilometers an hour very impressive numbers of be the delivery of all that power is pretty brutal it’s almost like someone’s sitting behind you with a sledgehammer ready to knock you in the back the sound and power from this v12 engine is just amazing

this thing reaches peak power at eight thousand four hundred rpm just shy of the cut out at 85 so you can imagine she likes to see or less impressive is the Aventadors automatic transmission Lamborghini has persisted with its clunky independent shipwright gearbox and not surprisingly it used to mixed results the Aventador has an older style independent control transmission I’ve might be like a privatized manual and cities break is a little bit all is good stuff lot of you in the back between ear changes and Ennis anywhere near is insured him as newest style dual clutch transmission while a time of the wheel was limited by time and conditions it is evident that Lamborghini has completed its objective turning what was a slightly unwieldy beef into a formidable track weapon and while the Aventador S isn’t perfect it remains one of the most enjoyable and satisfying super cars to drive on track even if it isn’t the most cutting-edge well there’s no doubt about it even after just a handful of laps here at a wet Phillip Island circuit it’s evident, that the Aventador S is much more usable than before and while it might not be the first choice for performance enthusiasts I think this thing still stands up as an icon of its own especially with that v12 engine it had my choice it is still be the poster that I’d have on the bedroom wall