2017 Honda Pilot Elite Smart Key Fob System

Saturday, May 13th 2017. | Honda

This is 2017 Honda Pilot elite trim. I’m going to go through some of the features and technologies of this specific models but also go through some pilot general features that are great across the board. Alright guys so the 2017 Honda Pilot in the elite trim this model comes equipped with LED headlights on the elite only you do have LED running lights across all models within the 2017 Honda Pilot.

the front is designed completely new for this generation we have some nice character lines to help with aerodynamics, as carry throughout with some chrome accents to give it a really fresh look there again honeycomb here adds that modern touch to the front of the vehicle to again refresh it completely from the previous generation.


2017 Honda Pilot Elite Engine

All right under the hood 3.5 liter v6 has been a tried-and-true engine for the Honda Pilot for a long time now we’re going to get nineteen in the city 26 on the highway in an all-wheel drive Elise pilot which is amazing. All 2017 Honda pilots are going to come with a low a rim similar to this one with this being the elite you get the 20 inch versions of those that’s the biggest room that Honda’s released to date they make the car look sharp and they also have awesome Road characteristics for highway driving in addition to that new for the 2017 you’re going to have your smart key fob system.


2017 Honda Pilot Elite Features

So this does a few things for owners on e.x and above you’ll have the version that I’m showing here on the elite it works the same way of the ex model so the first thing that this will do for you as the driver to keep it in your pocket or if you’re womaning to keep it in your purse put your hand on the inside door handle it will automatically register and open just this door so that’s a safety feature built in as well as a nice convenient feature you don’t have to find it in your pocket here first when you’re done for the day you just hit that button and it locks all four tools.

You have the automatic roll down window function you can double tap and hold your unlock button that will roll down all your windows as well as your sunroof it will retract it back that will help it in the summer here in Florida Vince it out get all that hot air out and just open up the vehicle really easily you can then take out your hidden key we put it into the normal key slot twice to the left and it will roll your windows and close your sunroof automatically.

So that’s mostly just a really nice convenient feature built into the 2017 on a pilot in EX and above trim ok another part of the new key fob system for the 2017 Honda Pilot again another feature across EX and above for all our new pilots you have your remote start function so if I hold this down with the vehicle lock of course hold it down for about five seconds it will automatically turn on your car crank the engine get it to an automatic 72 degrees across all three climate-controlled zones within the vehicle.

This remote start function will run for a full 10 minute cycle before automatically turning off if you don’t get into the vehicle just a good safety feature so humans will build up in the garage if your remote starting it. So also with your key fob system you can you can have the vehicle register you from 33 inches away from your rear hatch ooh you have a button just right there at the bottom by your backup camera once you select that button the door will automatically unlock assuming you have this in your pocket then from here.


2017 Honda Pilot Cargo Space

You’ll see a class-leading cargo space across all 2017 Honda pilots the cargo space has grown for this generation considerably they took a few cues from our Honda Odyssey and how to use this rear third row seating option with those seats down you have ample space for whether it be stuff or equipment or whatnot you have storage here you can fit a 64 gallon cooler in there really really easily this is reversible and removable you can flip it over to a hard plastic or keep the carpeted section you can also store it down low within this compartment out of the way but also giving you a little bit more depth to your cargo area here.

The strap system is how you raise and lower your third row but you can easily pull those up and get the third row accessible for people then from there these do recline back just a couple inches gives it a little bit more arch for your rear passengers makes them a little bit more comfortable as well.

All right so to close up your rear hatch you just slice your button right there there is a built-in safety feature for if somebody doesn’t notice it’ll automatically retract back up to the top to keep them safe and and not pinch any fingers.


2017 Honda Pilot Elite Interior

interior space is another class-leading feature for a midsize SUV the interior is completely redesigned with the elite model you’re going to get memory feeding 10-way power adjustable with lumbar support one of the big things for 2017 is the addition of the apple carplay Android auto phone compatibility technology now this being elite you do have navigation built in as well as the Honda suite of safety and convenience technologies known as Honda sensing.

You’re going to have things like, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and the lane keep assist system as well as your lane departure warning and the blind spot monitoring system. On your side gear so on the elite and the touring trim you do have a push button transmission gear selection option in the elite trim you do get these captions chairs with full armrests and the panoramic sunroof access to the third row across the XL vent above have a push button electric system for getting into their rear and then they have a push button to get out once they’re back there. So getting in four little kids is a lot easier now you don’t have a lever which can be tougher some smaller children use a simple button to get in and out whether you’re in the back seat or you’re trying to get in.

Now space back here is one of the big things for a lot of customers they’re always surprised at how much space I’m not a real big person I’m 510 but as an average-sized person I fit in here awesome I know it’s kids they’ve got ample space you’ve got access here for tablets or iPads cup holders that you have vent control heated seats for their captains chairs and HDMI component cable.

A traditional plug for other devices and another USB that brings them to the DVD system you also can put car seat at all five locations in the vehicle so you can have a car seat here here or any three of the spots in the third row so for larger families or families that have a couple different aged kids once in a car seat can configure that a lot more conveniently.