2017 Honda HRV Engine, Interior Review

Saturday, May 13th 2017. | Honda

the 2017 Honda HRV is a subcompact crossover from Honda we’re going to start with the one thing we really don’t like about this vehicle and that’s what’s under the hood it’s a 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine goes back to the previous generation Civic.


2017 Honda HRV Engine

on the plus side it’s time tested reliable but not particularly powerful and it’s paired in most HRVs with a CVT continuously variable automatic transmission that combination produces a lot of noise not a whole lot of energy. you can get a manual transmission but only on the lower trim levels. If you can get past the powertrain shortcomings there’s a lot to like about the HRV it’s fuel-efficient got a lot of cargo space especially by segment standards. and because it’s related to the Honda Fit it has interesting interior storage and seating configurations to make it stand out.


2017 Honda HRV Interior

speaking of those seating configurations here’s the back seat it’s derived from the so-called magic seat in the Honda Fit and it does similar tricks you can flip up the bottom you can flip down the seat backs to all sorts of things back there. up front the 2017 Honda HRV has a clean and sleek dashboard design we like the overall look of it only issue we have here is that the touchscreen could use a little refinement in terms of both its virtual button layout and its responsiveness.

the bottom line with the HRV is that if you don’t mind the way its power train responds everything else is pretty impressive it’s a class leader in terms of practicality.