2017 Honda Fit Features, Specs, Review

Monday, May 15th 2017. | Honda

2017 Honda Fit is unique you know has this this black grille it really sets it apart from the red trim and what I love is you know tonic you see the big Honda logo on the front when you come around to the side they’ve got some cool stylish features on and little side windows.

we’ve got breakaway mirrors so we’ll switch back to be sure in a tight parking situation like the parking garage it is hatchback but it’s a hatchback with space for everything space for your friends and family and it’s a tailgate is plenty of room for all your cargo and once again the extra grill piece is right here inside on the bumper really set it apart and make this car look sporty one of my favorite features of a 2017 Honda Fit is Magic sheets.

How many cars can you say have magic inside 2017 Honda Fit does check yourself. We go into Home Depot knees new plants for your garden you lift up the seats easiest high one DVD hook it all this reading time in front hey maybe we can even buy a TV the other cool thing about behind the 2017 Honda Fit is you have the versatility of the 60/40 folding seat so you can put your cargo in still have room in here for a car seat our little guy and fold the seat down and be able to take your cargo and what’s great for somebody like that is you have all of this cargo space in a compact our time to take the 2017 Honda Fit for a spin think it’s gonna be fun.

All right so here we go in the 2017 Honda Fit look at that she’s the slacker she pulls right out of on the route 30 with no hesitation it’s a lot of power when you step on the gas with a 2017 Honda Fit and I think for me that’s the most surprising thing you know I’m pretty short so when I’m driving a car.

one of the things I like to make sure is that I don’t have any blind spots or weird places and and for me I can see all around and these little small windows on the front they really help my visibility driver up a little bit of a hill.

The engine sounds nice it’s not straining to go up this hill we’re actually picking up speed for it it pretty quickly so what’s great is you’re driving along on the 2017 Honda Fit if you want to turn your music on you’ve got that right at your left thumb you can turn the music up and down select through your presets even change from am/fm CD with the touch of a button on your right hand side you’ve got your cruise control of course on our back country road we’re not going to cruise control but that’s right here at your right hand.

Then one of my favorite things is hands-free phone calls knowing that you can just touch a button right here at your fingertip on your left hand side pick up receive phone calls without ever looking away from the road that’s an awesome safety feature and as a mom there’s one less thing I have to worry about as I’m driving down the road also on your left hand side you have your controls.

for your headlights this 2017 Honda Fit in the base model has automatic headlights not something you always see in this class usually something you have to pay a little bit extra for we also have intermittent wipers which is another nice feature even at this affordable price point in greensburg we’re lucky that we have some nice windy back roads to test drive on.

and the 2017 Honda Fit is certainly handling with no problem oh look it’s lighting up green that’s showing us that we’re using a the most efficient driving there’s a little green leaf econ button on the left hand side and when we keep that on it actually helps the car stay as fuel efficient as possible did I mention it gets an average 36 miles per gallon.
Another nice convenience of having a hatchback is that you have the rear window wiper I really love that because you know when the weather gets snowy I don’t have to get out of my car to clean off the back window.

so our fuel economy and the 2017 Honda Fit is driven by a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine don’t worry we have all four cylinders here unlike some of our competitors that only have three cylinders pulling out on the route 30 we get up to speed very quickly without any hesitation the other good thing about the 2017 Honda Fit is our safety rating you know if you’re familiar with Honda.

Honda prides itself on being a very safe vehicle and the fit even though it is a small hatchback vehicle we have a five-star crash rating on this so I promise you the backup camera check it out not just the backup camera but a nice size.

On the 2017 Honda Fit we’ve got a lot of extra accessories we’ve got a power outlet where you can plug in your charger for your phone your GPS got a USB port right here an additional auxiliary port and in the console we have yet another power port so Honda’s have such a loyal following but they also have an incredible warranty three years, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty we have a 5 year, 60,000 mile drive train warranty and even a three year 36,000 mile roadside assistance warranty.