2017 Honda CR-V Touring Editon Specs

Saturday, May 13th 2017. | Honda

2017 Honda CR-V Touring Editon. Americans might be gravitating to large SUV’s but really smaller crossovers are far more agile in the city fuel economy is better – that’s the appeal of the 2017 Honda CR-V this is the new fifth generation which looks a lot like the outgoing model that’s by design how important to CRV to Honda well in 2016 it moved about three hundred and sixty-seven thousand copies in the US that’s about a quarter of the company’s sales do you mess with our recipe.

2017 Honda CR-V Touring Editon Review

Very few people notice the changes that include extra sculpting here the orthodontia is tough to ignore the new sheetmetal rides on a new platform length width height and wheelbase are all increased by about an inch. and a half the interior gains a little space to keep current owners from moving up two hulking sport Utes luxury brands take note all 2017 Honda CR-V get a rear view camera. Has finally given the sound system like you require a volume knob base LX c rvs stick with a 2.4 liter 4-cylinder the rest get this 1.5 liter turbocharged 4 with 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque.

The continuously variable transmission has a sport mode no paddle shifters no manual shifting at all actually move up from front drive and the new all-wheel-drive system can send 40% of torque to the back tires not much throttle lag offline CRV moves out pretty well there’s some spunk 0 to 60 miles an hour happens in just under 8 seconds.

overall comfort and refinement are up noticeably in this generation steering weight is good there’s actually some roadkill in keeping in mind this is a crossover driving dynamics are pretty good CVT is tuned very well it pretty much feels like a standard tiered transmission the only time you get.

that telltale rubbery feeling is if you lure the flavell a lock and I would be a bad example for the kids all but base model 2017 Honda CR-V get Honda sensing a suite of safety tech items featuring auto braking with pedestrian detection adaptive cruise control with low-speed follow and blind spot warning there’s also a Driver Alert monitor that can determine whether or not you’re drowsy by your steering wheel action if you drop a couple bars on this graphic here you’ll get an alert tone and the steering wheel will vibrate love to demonstrate it for you but apparently I’ve had too much coffee today.

A big plus 2017 Honda CR-V is much quieter in the cabin now I don’t have to yell to tell you Matt on a 375 mile road trip to Portland Oregon I average 28 miles per gallon on standard great gaffes at a fairly steady 75 miles an hour.

2017 Honda CR-V Touring Editon Interior

The all-wheel drive system many of the streets were far more treacherous than this even on steep snowy inclines the 2017 Honda CR-V had no problems in touring model. Trim the cabin is calm and conservative the bark comes from plastic trees much of the stitching isn’t CRV zombie once’s visibly improved though right down to heated leather chairs that were supportive on my road trip there’s even a way to see who hit who first not that your kids would do that there are the usual places to stash things the center console is deep but put something like an iPad in the back.

and look what happens the sliding cover is removable I found the smallest touchscreen interface snappy but the menu isn’t always fall on your face easy. Phones sometimes take a while to connect all but the base LX get Android auto and apple carplay doors open wide enough so you can get kids car seat back here easily Pete’s do not slide for an F but five support is really good there is a lot of room back here .

Sadly Honda has not discovered the panoramic sunroof at least electronics can be charged those contemplating a move to Canada can get heated seats back here the u.s. is denied that warm feeling in the outgoing 2017 Honda CR-V which did not have this handy kick to open tailgate I was able to get 12 packs of this stuff in the back with the back seat up that is very impressive dropping them is very easy and it opens up.

A large space for big boxes but snow ski pass-through choose between maximum cargo and a higher load floor to squirrel valuables away the trunk is slightly larger now but it appears small undulation keep the total to of still impressive 9 packs I’ll give it a 10 since I forgot to drop the adjustable load floor.

Have to say honda designers did a nice job giving this crossover a more upscale vibe its kind of sporty kind of elegance the lines will appeal to a lot of buyers the taillights look very expensive and body sways lines have purposeful direction unlike some designs these days. Some will see this as a little much but overall the styling won’t repel people cross shop ford escape on de tucson kia sportage nissan rogue toyota rav-4 and the upcoming chevy equinox and mazda cx5 to name some competitors this 2017 Honda CR-V Touring model.

with LED lighting goes for thirty four thousand six hundred dollars but this sweet spot is the all-wheel drive DX model 429 large and that includes the sensing safety features changes and refinements make CRV the Big Kahuna in this segment all while remaining the perfect size for small family. If you’re considering the base LX model to save money can I make a suggestion in addition to the few extra features like proximity key door locking a better sound system Android auto and apple carplay.

The Honda sensing safety gear installed when moving up to the e ex model is very well done Road departure mitigation looks at the solid road line and if it feels you’re drifting off the pavement gets you back into the lane using the steering and pulsing the appropriate rear brake it also tightens up the seat belts.

Yes moving up to the e acts is about a $2,700 hike but much of the tech can keep you out of fender benders or worse so just one use of any of the features can easily pay for the upgrade well.