2017 Honda Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan

Monday, May 8th 2017. | Honda

2017 Honda Clarity. very impressive vehicles on a single fill up you can get over 350 miles of range, from a styling perspective I don’t love the exterior styling of the 2017 Honda Clarity but it works in this particular color which is the Bordeaux or burgundy you also have black and white as the other two color options I don’t like the white I think the way they did the body panel over the rear wheels just doesn’t work on that white car as far as interior styling I love it.

I think they did a great job we have a lot of very premium features this is the first honda vehicles sold in the u.s. available with head-up display which we’ve used throughout the day you have a nice large navigation system. all the other honda sensing features vehicles very comfortable you’ve been driving all day.

the seats are quite comfortable and again a lot of space this is the only hydrogen fuel cell sedan available with five seats the more I only has four seats and for some people that’s a very important decision factor then the materials that they’d use a very premium.

we have this Alcantara a dashboard which I think it looks nice it feels nice but it could get very dirty very quickly so I think maybe they should have opted for some different materials but let’s get down to how is the vehicle drive i think it is great like all other electric vehicles because that’s what 2017 Honda Clarity is at the end of the day it’s an electric car that you don’t plug in but you fuel up the hydrogen basically makes electricity that powers the electric mode.

and with all this range of 366 miles if you live in southern or northern california this vehicle could make a lot of sense for you honda is leasing this vehicle for 369 a month however you have to put down about twenty nine hundred dollars but you get a five-thousand-dollar rebate from the government so that offsets the down payment and you still get to walk around with twenty one hundred dollars on top of that they’re giving you fifteen thousand dollars in fuel over the next three years for the life of the lease and for most people that’s going to more than cover all of your driving needs so in essence you could be driving this for free and with approximately thirty fueling stations in southern northern california and they’re adding another 20 or 30 more over the next two years you should have plenty of options in Orange County where we are based but there are at least seven stations so no excuse to to run out and what they found out with the first FCX clarity is that the biggest complaints customers had was range that one had about 220 well you have about over fifty percent more on this clarity they missed having a fifth seat and it just didn’t feel there were enough features compared to honda accord for example so all of that has been addressed in this vehicle while the Toyota Mirai is a fine car in its own right as a similar lease plan with the free fuel.

I don’t like to style them all right at all and i think the interiors is rather cheap very prius like and whereas clarity kind of made its own interior and i think it really works you have a very familiar shifter here that you find in other honda products like the pilot and the Odyssey and overall i just think they did a terrific job with there’s very very little to complain about i think when you start crunching the numbers this is really a no-brainer vehicle with the rebate with the free fuel and a very affordable lease payment.

You can drive this thing for next to nothing strictly from a mathematical perspective 2017 Honda Clarity makes a lot of sense when you factor in the federal rebate as well as the fifteen thousand dollars in free fuel that you’re going to get over the three-year lease 2017 Honda Clarity could cost you maybe 100 hundred and twenty dollars a month to operate if you drive fifteen to eighteen thousand miles a year that makes a lot of sense.