2017 Honda Civic SI Interior, Engine Review

Saturday, May 13th 2017. | Honda

2017 Honda Civic SI Review. You think that once you’ve done something ten times over you’d have got quite good at it Honda will certainly be hoping that that’s the case this is the tenth generation Civic hatchback.

for this iteration of the car Honda has completely torn up the rulebook and started again the body works the platform the engines the suspension setup everything is brand spanking new in here. You notice one big difference straightaway between this and the old Civic and that is that you can actually get comfortable.


2017 Honda Civic SI Interior

The driver’s seat is set a lot lower than it used to be and there’s loads of adjustment both in that and in the steering column it’s also much simpler rather than being faced with a vast array of dials that are stacked up in horribly confusing.

Layout your instruments in 2017 Honda Civic SIr are really nice and easy to read your touchscreen still isn’t the most intuitive and your rear visibility could still be clearer but both are big improvements on what went before the quality feels solid it’s not quite as expensive feeling as.

2017 Honda Civic SI main rival the Volkswagen Golf and small windows here in the back means that it does feel a little bit dark in here what’s more rear headroom is a little bit tight which is a bit of a shame when legroom is so generous the rear seats don’t fold down in a particularly clever way.


2017 Honda Civic SI Engine

Either then again you do get a nice big boot on the road the car feels virtually unrecognizable compared with the current car but in a really good way. The suspension does a brilliant job of keeping you comfortable but there’s also a really alert stable feel to the handling thanks to plentiful grip really crisp body control and super sharp steering at launch just two turbocharged petrol engines will be available a 1 liter with 127 brake horsepower and a 1.5 with 180 the one we’ve got here is the 1 liter and it is an absolute little cracker it’s impressively smooth and quiet especially for a three cylinder and it feels really punchy and flexible right throughout the rev range dynamically.

Then the 2017 Honda Civic SI has really raised its game and to the point where it will be giving the established market leaders something to think about yes there are one or two little flaws in other areas so it’s not perfect but 2017 Honda Civic SI should definitely be on the radar of anybody looking for a small family hatchback.