2017 Ford GT Five Drive Modes Review

Saturday, June 3rd 2017. | Ford

How drive modes can change this 2017 Ford GT character and personality depending on the situation it sent. There’s five drive modes there’s:


2017 Ford GT Normal Mode

The first mode is normal mode and that’s for general road road driving and has the vehicle in its highest ride height setting all of the aerodynamics in the front and the back or stowed it’s meant as a general all purpose mode


2017 Ford GT Sport Mode

when you go now into sport mode that mode turns on the anti-lag it also deploys the spoiler more aggressively it uses the air brake more aggressively and it’s meant for spirited.


2017 Ford GT Track Mode

driving track mode are where things get truly interesting you’ve still got your anti lag turned on but now the vehicle drops 50 millimetres to a 70 millimeter ride height all of the aerodynamics are permanently deployed and this is the hardest core setting for really what this car was meant to do which is go as quickly and aggressively on the track.


2017 Ford GT Wet Mode

as possible two other interesting modes one is wet. if you find yourself on a wet surface that is a very safe setting for for driving the car.


2017 Ford GT V-Max Mode

and then the last setting is v-max mode which is kind of a combination of low ride height but low drag so all of the aerodynamics. The spoiler is still stowed in that setting but you have low ride height low drag and that’s the mode where you reach your 260 mile an hour top speed.

The Ford GT is a very special car it truly has the DNA of a racing car built into it between the advanced active aerodynamics the carbon fiber the EcoBoost engine the dual clutch transmission all of those combined to truly make a car that when you get in it and you drive it you truly feel like you’re in that Leman race car