2017 Chevrolet Sonic Five-Door Hatchback LT

Monday, May 15th 2017. | Chevrolet

The 2017 Chevrolet Sonic that has been completely redesigned so let’s check it out alright we have the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic five-door hatchback LT with an RS package in this vehicle here also has the convenience package which has a six-way drivers powered seat and the front driver and passenger seats are both also heated with key less open and then remote start as well.


2017 Chevrolet Sonic Exterior

I’ll paint it out so you guys can get a full shot of the vehicle you’ll see a lot of different designs and stuff in this Sonic they’re done a lot of updates to it you know body lines so on and so forth.

Now this RS package two things that’s going to give you is down here on the bottom you’re going to see these rocker panels right there they come with the RS package and then on rear spoiler as well come down here and show you the wheels.

You have 16 inch aluminum wheels on this which in my opinion set this off especially in this press and that’s orange burst color going around the front you’re going to notice an update to the headlights with LED running lamps.

I don’t have the running lamps on currently but you will see those in there get a shot you’ll see those runner lamps there at the bottom plus odd lights also part of that RS package.


2017 Chevrolet Sonic Engine

Pretty awesome looking vehicle that Chevrolet’s a maid and redesign here giving a great fuel economy they’re also available with two different engines in them this model here has the 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine there’s also a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that’s available.

Then getting right here at the back you’re going to see the tail lamps have been completely updated for this as well once again giving it a very sporty look and then the muffler down here you’re going to see as well as part of the RS package you know I think on these vehicles they’ve done an awesome job multiple different choices in colors I think there’s a 10 exterior color options and I believe six interior different options You can get as well.

One cool thing with this obviously having a backup camera my thing is always nice to have standard on these and the back here if you actually lay down these two back seats you’ll get a total of forty-seven point 7 cubic feet so a lot of room for storage and being able to haul items.


2017 Chevrolet Sonic Interior

and then what we’ll do at this point as well jump inside and check out some of the interior stuff for this 2017 Chevrolet Sonic let’s do that starting off for the inside here you’re going to notice one thing as a driver information center is now a little bit more in late into the dash on the older models it was more of a motorcycle inspired a tack I guess you can say for that vehicle.

over here to the left of course convenient place as always is your power windows power mirrors and door locks and my controls are down here on the steering wheel cruise control is on the left bluetooth and radio options are on the right.

Now one cool thing I’m going to spin the wheel to show you this is that if you look at the bottom of the steering wheel it’s actually kind of been a change a little bit to give you a little more with a sporty or grip. I believe they call that like the D steering wheel i think is the name for if you kind of picture a d-ring it’s almost kind of same concept there.

Push button start the new 2017 Chevrolet Sonic MyLink radio systems in there. You can plug up your smartphone’s an apple carplay all that good stuff android auto to go from on star.

The center dash we get door locks there as well hazard lights your air control heated seat controls a little bit of storage down here in the center console for drinks and stuff and then over here you got the top glove box and the bottom lip boss as well and then on the seat trim for this vehicle check that out and of course like I said earlier there’s all kinds of different combinations you can get for this.

You know so you can kind of customize it to your own liking you also have two USB ports in an auxiliary port and plug your smart phones and everything into and as always just like most of our vehicles everything is equipped with OnStar with a free trial of that and Wi-Fi everything they have if you’re on the go and you love technology.

there’s a shot through the back seat for you and the interior overall super sweet setup the Chevrolete’s done this is one awesome vehicle.